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Corporate Services to shake on.

Contract Drafting

Your business is unique so why isn't your contract language? The attorneys at RTC Law will incorporate the specifics of your business into the language of your contracts with and eye toward minimizing your risks in the long term. Incorporating your brand into the draft is a final touch that adds legitimacy to your operations. 

Contract Review

If you own a business, you know first-hand how contract-intensive things can be. Keeping up with changes in the law and mitigating risks through tailored contractual language is no easy task. The lawyers at RTC Law will review your contracts and coordinate with you to ensure the appropriate risks are assumed.

Contract Negotiation

Understanding the intricacies of your business is RTC Law's first step to ensuring your rights are protected and your obligations are understood. Translating the legalese into meaningful information and  negotiating contractual terms with candor and professionalism will assist you and your business with closing deals over and over again.

Purchase & Sale Agreements

Is it time to vertically integrate? Businesses are bought and sold on the regular. RTC Law can assist you in the formation, dissolution, and acquisition of your next business, including advising on purchase and sale agreements, tax implications, employment contracts, and much more.

Corporate Transparency Act & Beneficial Ownership Information

The beginning of 2024 marked a significant change in the regulatory landscape for U.S. businesses with the enforcement of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's (FinCEN) new Beneficial Ownership Reporting Rule. Understanding and adhering to this rule is crucial for all businesses, particularly those recently dissolved or undergoing dissolution. This new regulation mandates that certain companies report detailed information about their beneficial owners to FinCEN. A "beneficial owner" is any individual who directly or indirectly owns or controls a significant percentage of a company. The rule aims to enhance transparency and combat financial crimes like money laundering and fraud. Non-compliance can result in substantial financial penalties, including imprisonment. Beyond legal implications, compliance ensures your business is not inadvertently involved in financial crimes, maintaining its integrity and reputation. RTC Law has created a streamlined process for completing the Beneficial Ownership Information Report, saving valuable time and providing assurance that the report gets done right the first time.

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