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Litigation, Mediation: your choice.

Civil Litigation

The lawyers at RTC Law prefer to avoid litigation when possible, but sometimes litigation is necessary. RTC Law can assist you in prosecuting or defending an array of claims in civil courts throughout the states of Oklahoma, Texas and beyond. Contract disputes, collection proceedings, detainer actions, deceptive trade practices, construction defects, personal injury and business dissolutions are a small sampling of areas in which RTC Law can assist.


Mediation is a common form of alternative dispute resolution that is increasingly required by civil courts prior to trial. Mediation saves court resources, provides an avenue for confidentiality, and may provide cost savings by removing much of the formalities of a trial. The lawyers at RTC Law have represented clients in mediations and are familiar with this process, including settlement negotiation tactics and ensuring your rights are protected in the settlement process.


Arbitration clauses are finding their way into a multitude of contractual agreements. What do they mean? What do they require? How does one begin the process of arbitrating a dispute and what are the applicable deadlines? The attorneys as RTC Law understand and can demystify the arbitration process, ensuring that you understand your rights and the implications of arbitration clauses in your contractual agreements.

Small Claims

Small claims courts (e.g. the Justice of the Peace or "JP Court" in Texas) provide individuals and businesses a less formal means of resolving disputes and often a quicker resolution. In Texas, if your damages do not exceed $20,000, your claim may be filed in the small claims court. The lawyers at RTC Law can assist you in prosecuting or defending small claims and ensuring that justice prevails. Call us today to see how we can help. 

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